Greece Protects It’s Own Online Casinos, Rejects Others

Greece has had a long history of protecting their own online casino game providers while deterring those from other areas. It is their belief that protecting this monopoly within their own borders will help keep more of the money from the gambling industry inside their own borders rather than potentially losing some of it from outside operations. Obviously, there are plenty of other companies that are trying to claw their way into the Greece market anyway.

greece online casinoGreece literally only has one licensed operator of land based and online gambling within its borders as of right now. That provider is The Greek Organization of Football Prognostics or OPAP. The Greek government has provided protection to that organization until the year 2020. As a result of this, the Greek government has tried its best to make sure that no others creep in on that organization’s monopoly on gambling.

The government published a list of 401 gambling operators that they have put on a blacklist. This is because they are doing their best to prevent those companies from taking away any of the market share from OPAP.

Internet service providers in the country have been sent the list with the instructions to block those sites. The Bank of Greece was also sent this list and told to block financial transactions to those companies. This has effectively ended the ability for players to play on those sites in the country of Greece.

The government there left nothing to chance, going after the biggest and most well known gambling providers. With more than 400 of them eliminated from being able to provide service to players, it is unlikely that many players in the country will play with any provider other than OPAP. The country of Greece has pretty well made sure that this is the only trusted and permitted provider in the country.

Players who want to try to get around playing with OPAP are really going to have to take a big risk and have to know a lot about the providers in the market. It is very difficult to trust a provider that is legitimate when 401 of them are eliminated.

Greece is a very unique situation in their arrangement for how they deal with gambling. It is difficult to see how this benefits players specifically, but OPAP is certainly not complaining about the arrangement that they have. Perhaps the situation will be revisited in 2020.