MSPT Reaches Its Fourth Stop at Meskwaki Casino, Iowa

The Mid-States Poker Tour or MSPT is in its sixth season and continues in full swing with its new buy-in $1,100 event. This event promises $300,000 winnings and kick starts on Friday, 27th March, at Meskwaki Casino, Iowa, a premier tour stop. The good part is that the age limit for the event is 18 years and above.


MSPT continues in full swing with its new buy-in $1,100 event.


The Meskwaki Casino in Tama

Meskwaki Casino is situated in Tama in Iowala between Cedar Rapids and Des Moines (Highway 30). It has table games, a big bingo hall, thriving craps tables, horse book, good blackjacks, spa, exercise room, indoor pool and several hotel rooms.

According to Bryan Mileski, who owns and operates MSPT, the Meskwaki casino has always featured as one of the stops on the schedule of the MSPT. The casino is known for attracting a huge crowd. There has been an incredible response at the four stops already in the sixth season and Mileski is confident that Iowa will not disappoint them either. He looks forward to some incredible poker at this stop.


Poker at Meskwaki Casino is a friendly affair

According to Joe Fernandez, manager of the poker room at Meskwaki, Meskwaki’s poker room breaks the myth that you need your best possible poker face as well as a winning strategy to achieve success in Poker.

He says that irrespective of whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, Meskwaki has a game for everyone. Each poker game becomes a friendly and fun affair in the comfortable players’ lounge and traditional card room which exude a scintillating and rustic ambience. It no longer remains a mind-boggling science. So you will never be looked down upon for winning with merely incredible luck on your side.