Blackjack Tournaments: Your Chance to Make It Rain

In the world of online gaming and gambling, tournaments occupy a very curious place. Tournaments are generally more discreet than regular gameplays and events, and only the ones who are truly interested in wielding their gambling skills manage to stick through the initial phases to make it count at the end.

For all blackjack connoisseurs, here’s a quick roundup of upcoming blackjack tournaments of substance:

Blackjack Tournaments

International Blackjack League

No blackjack tournament is as big as the International Blackjack League. Thousands of players from all around the world avidly take part in this league that renews every month. Over 50 top notch casinos from different countries put their share in this league to make it grander. It is currently hosted by Fortune Affiliates Group.

Casino Joy Blackjack World

Blackjack World is hosted by Casino Joy on a rather irregular basis. It is, however, understood among online gamers and gamblers that this tournament renews every three weeks. The best part about this tournament, besides sizeable rewards, is that it is broadcast live by the Poker Channel and Casino Joy website. It is definitely a feature blackjack lovers need to keep an eye on.

Head2Head Blackjack by English Harbour Casino

These tournaments are hosted by English Harbour Casino on a daily basis throughout the week. On weekends, there are multiple blackjack tournaments with compounded prizes and special rewards in the form of free spins and casino credits.

Blackjack Bonanza by Bet365

Bet365 is one of the premier online casinos and bookmakers in the world. The Blackjack Bonanza tournament hosted by Bet365 renews every month and sees participation from experts as well as newbies.

Interblock Enters New South Wales

Interblock, a luxury gaming manufacturer, has been, over the last few years, spreading its footprint through the region of Asia Pacific. It has now entered Australia for the first time. The company has brought its offering of electronic table games to New South Wales.

Interblock Enters New South Wales

Diamond Roulette installed at Mounties

The Mt. Pritchard & District Community Club Ltd., also popularly known as Mounties, was, in the years 2006, 2007, and 2009, given the recognition of being the ClubsNSW Large Club of the Year. Located in the south western part of Sidney, close to Liverpool, the club is one of the biggest in Australia. It is to this club that Interblock has brought its Diamond Roulette to replace a competitive game.

Speaking on this development, the gaming operations manager of the Mounties group, Michael Pullin, said that the club is very excited at being the first in Australia to sport the luxury table game offered by Interblock. He also stated that Mounties aims to provide a well-rounded and complete entertainment experience to all of its guests and that their guests would definitely enjoy the new addition to their existing offerings.

Interblock strengthening its Asia Pacific position

Interblock’s Cameron Louis, who was recently named as the company’s Asia Pacific region’s Senior Vice President, said that the company was thrilled to bring its offerings to New South Wales. Interblock’s games have attracted players (and managed to retain them) spanning various demographics and geographic locations around the world.

Over the last few months, Interblock has, in Sidney, opened a permanent office. They have also built a complete sales team as well as a support team for this region. Further, the company has also reopened its Macau market. Interblock also exhibited its latest innovation in gaming, like MiniStar Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Diamond Baccarat, among others, during the Australian Gaming Expo.

Land-based Or Online Casinos – Which One to Choose And When

Though land based casinos came way before online casinos, people have taken to the latter faster than the former due to growth of technology, which has made online version more accessible. As criminals elements are attracted to both casino modes due to money involved you should choose a reputed establishment that will not hurt your financial interests.

Though land based casinos came way before online casinos, people have taken to the latter faster than the former

Old timers may be skeptical of online casinos as they are used to playing with people around them during gambling but youngsters like the anonymity it provides them. The biggest advantage of online casino is the flexibility it provides to do multiple tasks while playing and shifting from one casino to another while sitting before your computer or mobile phone.

Here are details of few characteristics of both land and online casinos that you can use to your advantage depending on your betting needs.

Bonus and promotions

Landline casinos cannot afford to give bonus and promotional offers on a regular basis due to the high cost of operation and perks like free drinks and snacks to all guests on the gambling floor. Land casinos are also likely to offer you tougher odds when compared to internet based casinos to meet maintenance costs. Online casinos will frequently give free spins and cash-backs to new sign-ups and regular customers that make deposits which are marketing strategies to keep their customers from signing on with other gaming site. Weekly promotions and Freeplays are a common ploy used by online casinos to bring players to their platforms as they do not have socially interactive atmosphere.

Skill and accuracy

A first timer at a land casino will tend to get intimidated by regular professionals at a card table as they will greet each other with great camaraderie and you will feel alienated. But in online casino you can indulge in free trials and tutorials to learn the game at your comfort level and then develop accuracy. Both types have their positives and one is glamorous while another is glamorous and fun.

Poker Stars Announces First Sports Bet

Poker Stars, which was purchased by Amaya Inc. in 2014 announced early this month that its new sports betting platform has started official operations. In recent months, there have been so many speculations about the launch of the website that its old customers were not really sure if the brand would actually be revived. Now that the sports betting product is already online and the first bet has been placed, its promoters are convinced that this will be a stepping stone towards success for the brand in the competitive world of sports betting. The complete launch of PokerStars’s web application and mobile application would be completed by 2015 across nations where sports bets are accepted.

poker-starsFuture plans of expansion

During the announcement of the operational details and record financials, Amaya Inc’s spokesperson stated that it has plans to enter the daily fantasy sports market soon once the Poker Stars website and other applications are fully operational. The latest Poker Stars sportsbook which is now in the beta phase will also be integrated and be available for its customers as both mobile and PC applications so they can log in from anywhere. The official launch of both applications will be done within next few months in selected markets.

New sports betting plans

Amaya Inc hopes to launch the sports betting product across new and old markets which allow sports betting within last two quarters of 2015 along with sports betting application for mobiles. Speaking on the occasion, Amaya’s CEO stated that the firm’s casino offerings will have direct telecast of live dealer games along with table games on both PC and mobiles. Once the slot games roll out in 2015 a significant number of casino revenues are likely to come from new deposits. The firm will concentrate on acquiring new customers through continued expansion into B2C platforms and new verticals like social gaming, casino gambling and fantasy sports to supplement income from poker sites.