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How Mobile Casinos Are Changing the Face of Gambling


Mobile Casino Online GamblingAll across the world, more and more people are realizing just how beneficial mobile casinos can be when they are trying to gamble. Mobile casinos can be found and downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop so that you are able to gamble while on the run. Many individuals have realized just how beneficial these types of casinos can be in terms of allowing them to make their bets, check their winnings and cash-out without any real issues.

Benefits of a Mobile Casino

A mobile casino can be beneficial because it allows you to gamble even when you’re away from your home computer. When traveling or commuting, it is simple to just use your smartphone or tablet in order to put your bets in or simply check your winnings. If you are interested in knowing what types of benefits a mobile casino can provide, here are just several examples available to you:


  • Mobile casinos allows you to bet while traveling and away from the computer.
  • You can receive text message alerts when you win or lose a game.
  • This type of casino is more convenient than normal ones that you visit locally.
  • You can bet real money when playing online or you can choose to play just for fun.

Greece Protects It’s Own Online Casinos, Rejects Others

Greece has had a long history of protecting their own online casino game providers while deterring those from other areas. It is their belief that protecting this monopoly within their own borders will help keep more of the money from the gambling industry inside their own borders rather than potentially losing some of it from outside operations. Obviously, there are plenty of other companies that are trying to claw their way into the Greece market anyway.

greece online casinoGreece literally only has one licensed operator of land based and online gambling within its borders as of right now. That provider is The Greek Organization of Football Prognostics or OPAP. The Greek government has provided protection to that organization until the year 2020. As a result of this, the Greek government has tried its best to make sure that no others creep in on that organization’s monopoly on gambling.

The government published a list of 401 gambling operators that they have put on a blacklist. This is because they are doing their best to prevent those companies from taking away any of the market share from OPAP.

Internet service providers in the country have been sent the list with the instructions to block those sites. The Bank of Greece was also sent this list and told to block financial transactions to those companies. This has effectively ended the ability for players to play on those sites in the country of Greece.

The government there left nothing to chance, going after the biggest and most well known gambling providers. With more than 400 of them eliminated from being able to provide service to players, it is unlikely that many players in the country will play with any provider other than OPAP. The country of Greece has pretty well made sure that this is the only trusted and permitted provider in the country.

Players who want to try to get around playing with OPAP are really going to have to take a big risk and have to know a lot about the providers in the market. It is very difficult to trust a provider that is legitimate when 401 of them are eliminated.

Greece is a very unique situation in their arrangement for how they deal with gambling. It is difficult to see how this benefits players specifically, but OPAP is certainly not complaining about the arrangement that they have. Perhaps the situation will be revisited in 2020.

New U.K.-Based Website Wants to Stake Successful Players.

A new and innovative U.K.-based poker site called “Stake Me To Play” will be launching on August 16 and will offer to bankroll skilled players who do not want to take on the initial cost of entering high-stakes poker games. In return, players must give up a percentage of their casino card

The practice of staking has been around for a long time and sites such as and are already offering this service to businessmen who wish to make money off of good players and players who wish to minimize their risk. However, Stake Me To Play offers new features that other websites do not.

Players who sign up with Stake Me To Play and are accepted can make use of its 1250 sq.-ft loft in Essex where they can socialize with other poker players. This loft includes a poker table and pool table along with a “grinding room” where they can access the internet and play online. The loft allows them to avoid the feeling of isolation that often comes from being a full-time online player. In addition, its players are guaranteed a minimum monthly income to fall back on in case they have a losing streak along with bonuses such as trips to Las Vegas and the use of the company’s vehicles if they do well. Players also get access to free coaching sessions and subscriptions to top training sites.

Rumor has it that the profit split will be 60% in favor of the player. If this is true, it would be one of the highest profit splits known in the online poker staking world.

The minimum requirements that a player has to meet in order to be staked by the site has so far not been revealed. However, we can assume that only the very best players will qualify given the enormous benefits the site offers.

The site is having its launch party at the Aspers Casino Stratford in London at 8 p.m. This party will include a freeroll tournament for which the first prize is an EPT London seat worth £5000.

New Jersey And Nevada May Enter Online Gambling Compact As Early As Next Year

Key lawmakers are now saying that a deal between New Jersey and Nevada to allow online poker websites to combine player pools could occur by next year.

When Nevada first legalized online poker in 2011, lawmakers in that state included language in the bill that would allow Nevada to form interstate compacts with other states that also wanted to legalize it. This provided a way for states to gain tax revenue and boost their economy without relying on poker onlinethe federal government to act. This also gave many online poker websites in Nevada the hope that they would soon be able to enter new markets and build bigger pools of players. This would allow them to give higher payouts while minimizing risk.

Early this year, New Jersey became the second state to legalize online poker and include language that allowed for interstate compacts. This led to speculation that the two states would reach an agreement allowing for major casinos, such as MGM Resorts and Ceasars, to sell their online services to customers in both states.

The Nevada State Gaming Control Board Chairman, A. G. Burnett, has confirmed that the state has been doing research to determine what the effects of such a compact would be and that such research is almost finished. Ray Lesniak, a lawmaker in New Jersey has also stated that he thinks a deal will happen soon. In addition, the CEO of MGM has made the claim that a deal is likely to occur within the next year.

The possibility of such a deal has spurred many Atlantic City casinos to partner with software companies to produce their online gaming sites. Ceasars Entertainment has partnered with 888, Trump Taj Majal with Ultimate Gaming, and Resorts Casino with PokerStars.

Many Las Vegas casinos are still pushing for federal legislation to legalize online gaming throughout the country. Rep. Joe Barton has recently come over to their side and introduced a bill for that purpose: the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013. In the past, such efforts at federal legislation have failed. However, even if these efforts fail again, the state-level push to make online poker legal in as many places as possible is likely to continue.