Poker Chips for Beginners

Everybody loves to host a little poker gathering. A poker gathering can be formal or informal. You can ask everybody to dress up and expect classy drinks and high stakes. However, you can also simply ask your friends to come as they are and expect to hole up in the garage around the poker table with a beer or two. The stakes can be high or low.

You can use the poker game as a chance to play seriously and practice for the next time your gang hits the casinos. You can also just let the actual poker play be secondary to the conversation. Whatever you decide, you will still need some poker chips to play your poker game. If you are a beginning poker player, consider investing in some premium or customized poker chips. Please visit new usa online casinos 2021 and make money online.

Poker chips or beginners

Yes, you can pick up cheap, plastic chips with the thickness of potato chips at the local convenience store. You can also get slightly more durable ones at the mall or a department store. However, did you know you can order premium poker chips? These can easily be found on the internet. These chips will be heavier, last longer, and come in a wide assortment of colors that can fit any personality.

Are you having trouble finding that perfect poker chip design for your casual or your formal games of poker? You can also use the internet to order customized poker chips. Many websites will allow you to select your poker chip color and add any pictures or wording to the chip. You can design a set of poker chips just for your and your usual poker gang! Take your poker experience to the next level. Get the best poker chips today!

Try Your Luck With Golden Scratchcards at bet365 Poker

Best365 Poker is holding an event that will be paying out cold cash.

It is imperative for you to complete your scratchcards in order to qualify for winning prizes! Best365 Poker is holding an event that will be paying out cold cash every day from April 13th until 10th May 10th. This is the perfect opportunity for people who have yearned for a chance to earn big money without traveling to a land casino.

You can earn a daily reward when you collect two coins with Poker at bet365’s Golden ScratchCards event. You are eligible to win a prize for each completed scratchcard. Bet365 allows everyone to play up to 10 scratchcards daily. Playing on the Premium Tables will give you a chance to secure your coins within a reasonable amount of time. You can win more prizes if you play the Premium Tables twice.

You should also become familiar with bet365’s special Golden Scratchcards! They are worth €100. Ten scratchcards randomly appear everyday. You will be in a position to win this prize if you are able to collect a number of coins. Mobile Poker is around so that you can complete your scratchcards while you are out shopping or dining.

You only need to complete each scratchcard and get Coins to win a prize. The total amount of Coins required will be displayed in the poker sector at bet365 lobby. This number will be shown with the daily available reward. You can get Coins by playing any form of poker. You can take part in Sit & Gos, scheduled tournaments, and cash tables.

It is imperative for you to play with Poker at bet365 if you want to win big prizes. The first step can be made by completing your scratchcards. Completing your scratchcards will make you eligible to win impressive prizes.

MSPT Reaches Its Fourth Stop at Meskwaki Casino, Iowa

The Mid-States Poker Tour or MSPT is in its sixth season and continues in full swing with its new buy-in $1,100 event. This event promises $300,000 winnings and kick starts on Friday, 27th March, at Meskwaki Casino, Iowa, a premier tour stop. The good part is that the age limit for the event is 18 years and above.


MSPT continues in full swing with its new buy-in $1,100 event.


The Meskwaki Casino in Tama

Meskwaki Casino is situated in Tama in Iowala between Cedar Rapids and Des Moines (Highway 30). It has table games, a big bingo hall, thriving craps tables, horse book, good blackjacks, spa, exercise room, indoor pool and several hotel rooms.

According to Bryan Mileski, who owns and operates MSPT, the Meskwaki casino has always featured as one of the stops on the schedule of the MSPT. The casino is known for attracting a huge crowd. There has been an incredible response at the four stops already in the sixth season and Mileski is confident that Iowa will not disappoint them either. He looks forward to some incredible poker at this stop.


Poker at Meskwaki Casino is a friendly affair

According to Joe Fernandez, manager of the poker room at Meskwaki, Meskwaki’s poker room breaks the myth that you need your best possible poker face as well as a winning strategy to achieve success in Poker.

He says that irrespective of whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, Meskwaki has a game for everyone. Each poker game becomes a friendly and fun affair in the comfortable players’ lounge and traditional card room which exude a scintillating and rustic ambience. It no longer remains a mind-boggling science. So you will never be looked down upon for winning with merely incredible luck on your side.

Gaming summit hosts

All That Happened At the Mobile and Tablet Gaming Summit

Mobile Gaming devicesThe Mobile and Gaming Summit was held in Atlantic City in October. A-list speakers from the US and Europe discussed about future of gaming and gambling industry within the country. The growth of online gaming casinos is faster than expected as casino owners are developing their mobile applications simultaneously with the launch of online versions. Players also find it convenient to switch between online casino games from desktop to tablet and smartphone versions. It also gets convenient while travelling.

The Summit focused on future challenges to the industry in terms of technological growth and how to cope with recent changes in legislation. As only a few states within United States allow internet-based gambling, the event was held in Atlantic City and representatives from top internet gambling firms were invited.


Future of online gaming industry

Besides presentations by representatives from top online gaming firms like Caesars, Poker Stars, Bally Technologies and others the conference also had discussion panels. The keynote address of the two-day conference was delivered by New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak, wherein he gave an overview of online gaming industry in New Jersey. He also explained how mobile applications are likely to shape future of online gaming market in the state and nation.

The industry is also facing challenges from banking and credit companies, which are not keen of honoring gambling transactions made online by players. The most interesting panel was a presentation by five mobile gambling enthusiasts talking about their iGaming experience and expectations. Other panels discussed the issues affecting the industry’s growth.


Online gaming challenging revenues of land casinos

With growth of mobile gaming and internet gambling sites people are slowly gaining interest in land based casinos, which is affecting their revenues. The trend has led to fear psychosis among gambling companies in the nation and they are trying to forestall gaming legislation to allow sports betting through online gambling sites. Online gambling companies are also facing trouble from nations which have strictly regulated gambling facilities and restrict players from these locations to access online gambling sites. With estimated growth of smartphones by 75 percent by 2017 within United States alone, mobile and online gaming companies are trying their best to remove these roadblocks and help the industry grow.